December 2018: Medical Cannabis/Customer Appreciation Event

The Rural Pharmacist: Medical Cannabis & Customer Appreciation Event

-Devon Myers, Pharmacist & Owner

With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis there has been an increase in questions about the use of cannabis in the world of medicine. Although the legalization of recreational cannabis is a new concept, medicinal cannabis has been used in Canada for several years now.

            Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabidol (THC) are two of the primary active ingredients in cannabis. These ingredients are not identical and have different effects on our bodies. For example, CBD generally does not cause the euphoria that is sometimes associated with marijuana use. On the other hand, higher concentrations of THC can have negative side effects such as anxiety, paranoia and cognitive impairment. The “high” people experience from cannabis is caused primarily by THC. As such, it is important to speak with your healthcare team when considering the use of cannabis, medicinally or recreationally. At this time cannabis is recommended for medicinal purposes only in instances where conventional therapy has failed. Current evidence does not support its use in many conditions and therapy is certainly patient specific.

            Currently, medicinal cannabis is only available in Canada through one of Health Canada’s approved producers. In order to receive medicinal cannabis a physician must provide patients with a prescription/medical document. At this time, pharmacies do not dispense medicinal cannabis; patients usually have prescriptions shipped directly from a producer. Unfortunately, when cannabis is shipped directly to patients sometimes this information is not disclosed to the pharmacy team. For this reason it is important to let your pharmacist know if you use cannabis. After all, it is still a drug and just like other medications cannabis has the potential to cause side effects and to interact with other medications. Oftentimes patients will decide to decrease or even discontinue medications when they start medicinal cannabis. When considering changing the dose of a medication it is certainly advisable to contact your pharmacist to ensure that a change is carried out in a safe manner.

            If you have questions about recreational or medicinal cannabis please feel free to speak with one of our pharmacists. We encourage our patients to become educated about cannabis and to use cannabis in a safe way.  As pharmacists, we appreciate open communication and feedback from patients on their medication, especially new concepts like this, so we can continue to be informed on patient care.


             Time flies! This December marks the One Year Anniversary of the Rosslyn IDA Pharmacy! The pharmacy staff would like to sincerely thank the residents of Oliver Paipoonge, Neebing and beyond who have supported us in our first year. We are grateful that you have given us the opportunity to provide quality patient-centred in your community. Henry, Sandra and myself could not be happier about the amount of support we have received so far. Together we will strive to accomplish our goal of improving and growing healthcare services in your community. We look forward to serving you for many years to come. Thanks for making us YOUR community pharmacy!


Drop by during Customer Appreciation Week (December 10-15)! Save 10% on over-the-counter items all week and enter for a chance to win some great prizes, including an iPad! Stop by our Christmas Open House on Saturday, December 15 for an opportunity to enjoy coffee and refreshments. See you there!


Enjoy a safe December with family and friends! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!