January 2018: Rosslyn Opening!

The Rural Pharmacist: Proud to be a Member of the Rosslyn Community

-Henry Tempelman, Pharmacist & Owner

We are approaching our one year anniversary at Kakabeka Falls IDA Pharmacy, and what a year it's been! The community has been very welcoming to our pharmacy team and walk-in clinic. We look forward to meeting many more friendly faces as we continue into 2018.

We are very excited to announce the opening of our NEW LOCATION in Rosslyn! With our commitment to the rural community we are excited to provide a variety of pharmacy and health services to meet your needs. As a local owner and having spent much of my childhood growing up in the rural community, my team and I are committed to offering the best personalized service to make you comfortable with your medications and empower you in your own health care. 

Rosslyn IDA Pharmacy is located at 202 Highway 130 (near intersection of Hwy 130 and Rosslyn Rd), in the same building as the newly opened Rosslyn Family Dentistry with Dr. Allan Bruce.  There is another suite available for rent in the building to suit a family physician/walk-in clinic, which Dr. Bruce and I will be working to recruit for in the new year. The vision is to create a “Rosslyn Health Centre” with a mix of health professionals to create a team to meet the needs of the community at its doorstep! Know someone who might interested in this great opportunity? Contact us!

Rosslyn IDA Pharmacy will be hosting a GRAND OPENING week  January 15-20 and an Open House on Saturday, January 20 from 10am-3pm with coffee and refreshments. During this week, we will be raffling off some prizes including a variety of gift cards to local businesses in the Olive Paipoonge community, a FitBit SmartWatch to monitor your activity and health and a SHARP 50” 4K TV! Come by to meet the team, check out your new local pharmacy, enjoy some refreshments and enter your name to win some great prizes!

Each month ,one of the pharmacists from our team will be writing in this space to offer relevant seasonal health advice or general education on a health condition. If there’s something you want to read about, let us know! We’d love to hear feedback.

A few general lifestyle tips to improve your health in 2018:

Quit Smoking: If you’re a smoker, chances are you already know quitting will lead to a healthier lifestyle. Evidence shows you can see health benefits as soon as 3 days after quitting smoking. We know that quitting smoking isn’t easy, but we’re here for support. Between prescription medications,  nicotine replacement therapy such as Nicorette gum or Nicoderm patches and a new natural product called Cravv available over-the-counter, our pharmacists can help guide you through by either writing a prescription for you or helping you choose the right product. Come talk with us when you’re ready.

Get more sleep: Sleep requirements change for different age groups because of body development and different lifestyles. If you don’t think you’re sleeping enough, don’t reach for the sleep aid medication right away – these can have side effects into the next day. Move your TV out of your bedroom, leave the iPad in the living room, turn off your phone or read a book before bed. Talk to our pharmacist about behavioural techniques or lifestyle modifications that have been proven to improve sleep patterns. Proper sleep is important for your mental and physical health.

Get Moving: New Years Resolutioners strive to get back into shape and flock to the gym. That’s great! A regular exercise routine can do wonders for your heart health, weight loss, pain management, mental health and osteoporosis prevention. Make small goals to keep yourself motivated and mix up your activities to prevent yourself from getting bored and falling out of your routine. You don’t need a gym either - get outside and take advantage of our beautiful green (or snowy) space!

Get your Shots: It’s not too late to get your annual flu shot. Protect yourself, but also vulnerable people around you such as infants, elderly, immunocompromised, etc.  Or maybe you are travelling somewhere exotic this winter? Talk with our pharmacists about what is recommended for your destination and have our trained pharmacists provide the injection.

Eat Breakfast: It really is the most important meal of the day and it often gets forgotten about in our busy schedules. Eating a balanced breakfast high in fibre and protein has been proven to keep a healthy weight by controlling your appetite and reducing those midmorning snacks high in sugar and fats. Swap out that Tim Horton’s apple fritter for an fresh fruit, yogurt or some oatmeal.

Stay Hydrated: Our bodies are made up 60% water. Staying well-hydrated keeps all our body systems functioning well in digestion, absorption and transportation of nutrients, circulation and body temperature. Find your favourite water bottle and make sure you refill it a few times a day as you down the H20 goodness! Do you need some added taste to stay on track? Try infusing it with fruits or veggies for enhanced taste and nutrients!

We appreciate the continued support of the rural community. We've only just begun as we strive to meet the health needs of rural Thunder Bay.

If you’d like to transfer your prescriptions to either of our convenient locations, give us a call! Transferring your prescriptions is easy, no paperwork and no hassle. Start 2018 with your local community pharmacy and our personal approach to improving your health.